COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Patient Care Updates

CoVid-19 Current Patient Information Updates

Current Patient Information for  Palms Wellness Center Inc

As of today 4/18/21 Our Governor, Gov Cooper has announced that there will be a lowering of some of the NC State Restrictions. As people have increasingly in very large numbers received the Vaccine this is making things possible to get our lives back outside and socializing more! That is great news! We still have a ways to go, but its progress which is outstanding!

How We Made the Determination of the Updates Below:
We at PWC (Palms Wellness Center) have listened to all of you, our patients and reviewed the "'Evidence Based" research studies, which has been a part of our collective decision making for the summer, and possibly on into the fall, for the coordination of care for all of our patients. Please read the information below to assist you in understanding the Policies and Procedures regarding access to care During COVID:19.

Current COVID Policies & Procedures Updates:

All Established Patients Information Updated 4/2021


What Happens For “Current Patients” Now that the Numbers of those Vaccinated has Risen?

Governor Cooper has announced that he will be lowering restrictions mid-May of 2021 if things continue to progress as they currently are for NC. This is how we will be continuing care for the Summer and possibly on through the fall of 2021.

For all new and ongoing established patients, we will continue to provide care as we have been with the use of Tele-meds and Teletherapy, at this time. If you are being seen for treatment that requires you to have ‘labs’ done, you will continue to check in curb side, and in nearly all cases, you will also be provided the swab collection method, curb side, by our lab tech or an assistant. (See further specific information listed below). E-Scripts will remain in place and will not be changing even post COVID-19. (it is required by  Federal law for many medications at this time, which started the first of this yr).

What Happens if Someone Needs to Come to the Front Desk inside to see Staff?

Updated 4/21
While this is very rare, it does happen. It’s fine! If you are a current patient, then you already know that the front desk staff are behind a “completely sealed” (600 pound) Glass window. It was here many years before the pandemic and has served perfectly for the COVID-19 safety needs of both staff and patients.
However, the waiting area is “closed” 98% of the time. We have the doors locked, and entrance is only allowed with prior arrangements made or in the event of bad weather where staff cannot provide you check in services in the parking lot. Our “Bathrooms” are still closed to the public at this time as well. We will update you here and via your email with any future changes. As for the Summer of 2021 we do not anticipate any changes not noted here during the 2021 Summer.

Wait Room Area Usage Information updated 4/21
Currently our waiting area is closed to the “public”.  Front door remains locked and check in’s are all done by phone and curb side services provided when you arrive in our parking area. We have found everyone really has found this very easy and smooth, so we have also determined it is best to continue using this method as well.

Front Desk Access for Check In's and Script Counts (Med/Strip counts). updated 4/21

It is Federal Law which requires ALL patients on Suboxone bring in their medications with "each" appointment to be "available" for being counted if requested. It is "not" Federal law that it is counted, its fed law that you have them with you in full so if you are randomly asked to have them counted, you are in compliance with the program. We are now increasing the number of patients we will be having counts done with as the restrictions are lifting and entering the waiting area will be increased to (2) persons at a time. If it is "Raining" you will remain in your car as we have been doing, and call in to office, and staff will let you know when you may enter.

What Happens on Bad Weather Days to Curb Side Services? Updated 4/21
As we have been doing, you simply arrive, and call into the office to inform staff that you are here. Once this occurs, you will be informed (by phone), when to come on in. We are limiting our waiting room to (2) persons at a time. We understand that we can probably safely have 4 or 5 persons, but we prefer to keep everyone as comfortable as possible, and some people have not had vaccines yet. So, relax in the comfort of your own automobile and just let us know you have arrived.

Waiting Room Rules to Remember:

  1. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in our waiting area at any time. (Unless they are being seen as a patient). Please make sure you have appropriate child supervision in your vehicle if you have any reason to believe that you may need to enter the waiting area.
  2. On Bad Weather Days, (2) persons will be allowed in waiting room at a time. Please read the posting above for details.
  3. Non Established 1st Time Patients: you will be allowed to enter our waiting area. Yes, we want to meet you! We will limit scheduling so that the waiting room will only have (1) new patient inside at any given time, and with a gap so the area can be sprayed and sanitized. We take everyone’s safety very seriously. The office which you may meet with a licensed provider in person is quite large, plenty of safe spacing and staff have received vaccines. 






If you are Sick, Quarantined or have a family Member with COVID:19
As is standard at PWC If you are experiencing symptoms like fever, cough, congestion, sore throat, runny nose or shortness of breath please contact us by calling our main office phone lines prior to the date and time of your appointment(s), at 910-238-4513and if we are closed (email us directly from this website you can do so on our (home page, right hand upper corner click the link)Also please leave a voicemail and someone will call you as soon as we are available.
 Please see your Primary Care Doctor immediately if you are showing symptoms! 

Here is what we will need upon your return for appointments that may have been rescheduled for you due to illness or quarantine.

  • Contact Our Office as soon as you are aware that you are sick
  • See your Primary Care Doctor and get a Medical Note with the date and diagnosis
  • date(s) seen, plus the follow up date for that provider.
  • Provide a copy via email, fax, 910-238-4547, and/or text photo of note, Text to: 910-548-0316 (this number is for text msg only for after hrs.)
  • Do not use other staffs cell phone numbers we know some of you have. It delays things.
  • This will be placed in your chart, so that proper safe wrap-around medical care can be provided to you. 

Our goal is to keep you safe and your care in place. If you are a current patient, odds are you have experienced sicknesses, and this past yr. many of you have had family members, or your workplaces and yourselves quarantined. And you know we care! We are here for you!

All established patients will be provided access to care even if you or a dependent family member are sick with an illness such as flu or the COVID-19 or are Quarantined.  Updated 4-21
Your care will be provided utilizing Tele-Health at your regular scheduled appointment date and time. We do not want any of our patients to feel they do not have access to therapeutic support care, medications; particularly at a time like this.


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Opioid Addiction/Dependency and Physical Factors

Opioid Dependency and Addiction are not the same. For Ethical Care, we “Must” address the differences.

The physical impacts on receptors happen to the human brains “receptors” that are targeted by pain medications, literally physically change the brain receptors. Then once altered over time of use (Varies by person what the period of time is which “dependency” occurs, due to our individual DNA), they send messages to the brain which we call “Cravings”. A person dependent on pain medications does not always “abuse” the drug.

However, if they do not take the medication, the body will respond due to the brain’s receptors responding to the lack of the drug being provided to the body/brain. This will set off a process of “physical” withdrawal if not take (as prescribed) on the correct regimen. Valid pain management is still required for quality of life. The problems relating to “addiction” does not always happen. And while we are facing challenges with ‘abuse’ we cannot forget the need of care regarding human compassion for patients with valid medical needs for chronic pain management. This has become a major challenge for healthcare providers. Understanding the difference between “Dependency and Addiction” is imperative for everyone.Continue reading